• The Fine Art of Conceptual Design

    It all begins with a concept. This is the most critical phase of a project, the idea. There is nothing more rewarding than dreaming about ideas and documenting them.

  • The Fine Art of Drawing

    The simplicity of drawing allows you to peer beneath the surface of how an artist thinks. Everything is black and white allowing you to imagine the possibilities.

  • The Fine Art of Painting

    Rich Colors and and lyrical designs combine to create unique pieces of collectible fine art. Imagine owning a piece of art destined to become a legacy.

  • The Fine Art of Writing

    Writing is akin to drawing and painting. It has style and prose, composition and technique. I'm a story tell at heart. I wish I could sit with each and everyone of you and have some tea as we chat. Since that's not practical, I write.

  • The Fine Art of Sculpture

    Sculpture allows you to look at the material world with a sense of form and beauty. Imagine owning a piece of sculpture destined to become a legacy.

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